GreenAir is New Zealand’s leading specialist in providing plantscapes for the built environment.

GreenAir works with architects, interior designers, landscape architects, developers and builders to provide healthier living in the built environment.

GreenAir provides a complete service from concept through design-development, pre-construction, delivery, installation and maintenance. GreenAir takes on the responsibility of the green solutions that we provide.

Our success include over 200 installed green solutions in New Zealand since 2003. GreenAir’s established expertise comes from international collaborations with horticultural experts. Our “can-do” approach with our technical know-how enables our ability to meet and often exceed our clients expectations

International Collaboration

GreenAir has chosen to adopt a collaboration approach to large scale Green Infrastructure projects by partnering with some of the world’s leading experts:

Fytogreen Australia and Tensile Design and Construct. The benefits to New Zealand projects with this collaborative approach are many:

  • Experience from providers who have designed, installed and are maintaining large successful greening installations.
  • Enables confidence in our proposals as being ecologically sustainable and financially secure to meet or exceed NZ stake holders expectations.
  • The lesson learnt overseas reduce risk to NZ projects by avoiding the pitfalls and mistakes many can not foresee without experience.
  • Direct access to qualified experienced botanist and design team to ensure ecologically sustainable gardens.

Click Here to visit Fytogreen's web page

Click Here to visit Tensile's web page

OUR nursery

Located in Kumeu with over 1500m2 of glass house. This facility enables Greenair to accommodate large and small projects efficiently and affordably, while doubling as an ideal Green Solutions research facility.


Our Team

All of Greenair's managers have many years of experience and are tertiary qualified in their field. Being adept at providing innovative greening solutions that are ecologically sustainable is essential for all our projects.

Greenair solutions not only provide an appealing aesthetic but are proven to be ecologically sustainable through our research programme conducted at our facility at Kumeu.

All of Greenair's staff contribute to this research to develop new products and improve methods of delivery.

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