Planters & Pots

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Incorporating Planters and Pots into the workspace can make all the difference to a well-balanced environment.

Our in-house design team are always coming up with innovative Planter and Pot ideas to bring greenery to commercial spaces.

All of our Planters and Pots are designed to be low maintenance, however plants do require regular love, so our ongoing maintenance team can ensure they are well serviced.

We also include mobile planters for flexible interiors.

Floor Standing Planters

GreenAir offers standard and customized floor standing planters. From our fabricated aluminum or metal planters to plastic, terracota, lightweight concrete and many other options. Contact us for more information. 

Tambour Planters

We work with the best furniture companies in New Zealand to ensure that your tambour planters will be totally watertight. We will also help you with the plant selection and maintenance. Contact us for more information. 

Wall Pots and Planters

Incorporating Planters and Pots to the walls is a great idea to complement your spaces and create fresh enviroments

Hanging Planters 

The greatest advantage of these systems is the ability to avoid taking up valuable floor space by not having plants growing up from the base of a structure. 

Table Top Pots

Contact us to see our Table Top Pots catalogue and choose the best options for desks, coffee tables, restaurant tables, counters, etc.

Built-In Planters

Built-in planters can easily transform your outdoor and indoor spaces. We will help you with the selection, installation and maintenance of the plants. 

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