Crowne Plaza


Crowne Plaza - BDO Building


CBD, Auckland


Meg Kane


Green Walls


The Challenge

The BDO Building, housing the Crowne Plaza Hotel on Auckland’s busy Albert Street, wanted to improve the street impact and visual appeal of its entrance space. Meg Kane was commissioned to provide landscape architect services:

"I felt that the location of the garden was somewhat of a pivot point between the lobby and the plaza outside. I wanted to connect these spaces using a design which was equally effective when viewed at any angle, and which could provide the maximum amount of greenery in a very small urban space. Green walls were a great option because they offered such a strong visual impact."

Meg Kane


The GreenAir Solution

GreenAir were selected because of their experience working with green walls in urban environments. Once commissioned, GreenAir worked with the landscape architect’s sketches to create a solution using three double sided green walls that would maximise impact from the interior and exterior, at all angles. Working with their engineer to create standalone stainless steel structures, with built-in irrigation, to house the green walls, Green Air then spent five months growing the plants offsite prior to install

The double-sided, triple green walls are striking from the street and from inside, and make a compelling visual statement in a high profile location. The installation brings a new sense of health and energy to a heavily urbanised and high-traffic area and will be contributing to improved air quality at the location.


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