Ice Breaker




Ponsonby, Auckland




Planters & Pots


Connecting people with the natural world is central to the Icebreaker brand. We worked closely with Jasmax, architects for the project, to bring this ethos to life in the Icebreaker head office.

Trailing foliage in hanging planters softens some of the sharper architectural lines and adds life and visual interest. A green bridge gives the feeling of a pathway through a forest. The result creates an intimate experience with nature for the Head Office team, even when they're working indoors.

Global office staff at Icebreaker now enjoy a uniquely energising environment, connected with nature while they work. GreenAir selected a wide range of plant species to work within the space that added texture and interest in the plant palette. GreenAir were able to conduct controlled trials with the selected species to ensure that the environment on site would indeed support the health and growth of the plants. 

The finished result gives the feeling of a pathway through a forest, using ferns and low growing ground covers to give a brilliant flash of green and a real feeling of bringing the outdoors in.

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