Mercury Building, Broadway, Newmarket


Warren and Mahoney


The project

GreenAir had the opportunity to be part of the Mercury fit-out, designed by Warren and Mahoney. Approximately 700 plants were installed over 4 floor levels in their new office in Newmarket.

The plantscape solution

The interior spaces combine innovative green solutions and a wide range of indoor plant species to provide a natural calming and relaxing feeling. The different solutions include large built-in garden hubs, overhead planter frames mounted to the ceiling and walls, watertight liners integrated with seating planters, freestanding stacked plant walls with cubic planters and stacked plant walls with oversized pots mounted on the tops of lockers and plinth walls.

The stacked plant walls are used as space dividers. They feature either round pots or cubic planters. The seating areas use hanging frames and planter boxes to enjoy the benefits of the plants in the workspace without reducing the floor space. The built-in garden hubs are made up of plants with different textures, leaf shapes and green varieties. 

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