New Zealand Mortgages and Securities Limited (NZMS)


Ponsonby, Auckland



New Zealand Mortgages and Securities Limited (NZMS) are Auckland's leading property financier of large scale projects.

The design objective was to create the ideal solution for each space of the office: a large tree installation inside the building entrance; vertical plantscapes at the office entrance wall; and along the windows inside the meeting room and board room looking out into the exterior views; and to landscape the outdoor deck area. This design objective was achieved with customised waxed black steel planters, 3M high Ficus tree and Ficus creepers inside the building entrance; 'green screens' with climbing plants on a vertical system of stainless steel wires which aligned with the positions of the window mullions in the meeting room and boardroom; and a series of low lightweight concrete planters were installed on the outdoor deck below the balustrades and planted with Buxus Green Gem hedging.

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